About The Port

Located in central Cornwall on Montreal Rd., The Port Theatre is as iconic to Cornwall as it’s bridge once was. Originally titled The Roxy, the Port opened in December of 1941 to glowing success. After it’s opening, the Standard Freeholder called it “one of the finest theatres in the province,” costing approximately $75,000 at the time of it’s construction. Today, the Port still stands strong. Boasting an impressive marquee and distinct lettering, its iconic look has become an area fixture and is a huge part of Cornwall history. Recently purchased by Larry Sylvain (Sylvain Sound), the Port has been bringing in a plethora of live music. Unsurprisingly, it’s layout doubles perfectly as an auditorium that features some amazing acoustics. After all, the room was designed to sound great, making The Port the premier live experience in town. Larry and his team have been working tirelessly to bring live events and world class music back to the forefront of Cornwall, all while delivering a great cinema experience. Featuring a full-sized stage with top-notch PA equipment, in house sound engineers, a 450-capacity room featuring an upper balcony, and a new fully licensed drink bar, The Port Theatre is your next and best choice.

The Port Theatre operates under corporate status of Sonic Amusements Ltd.

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